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Wonders of the Sea – a vantage point that shapes new perspectives

Sarthak Palwankar from Thane Mumbai presents Wonders of the Sea – a fresh new perspective on travelling the world with the sea as a companion. He shares travel photos via the sea. The view, and sights from there shape pictures that are one of a kind.

Here is a photo story and a brief write-up he has shared with Today’s Traveller which features among others, isolated islands at sea, and a challenging snow blizzard experience.

Wonders of the Sea  Sarthak Palwankar
Wonders of the Sea – Sarthak Palwankar

Islands of Mexico- Guaymas

After departing from El Salvador, we were underway to Guaymas, Mexico. The vessel was making an early morning approach and about 20 nautical miles away, I saw this view from the command center (Bridge). As we were about an hour away we had some time to enjoy this view of beautiful islands which looked so perfect that the picturesque view could be your screen saver wallpaper.

San Carlos is a beachfront subdivision within the port city of Guaymas, in the northern state of Sonora in Mexico. It is noted for the exceptional clarity and warmth of the ocean water in its shallow bays. There are also other outdoor activities like climbing and skydiving.

Gibraltor2 Wonders of the Sea - a vantage point that shapes new perspectives
Wonders of the Sea

San Carlos is a beautiful place because it represents the visual oddity of the desert touching the sea. The early morning light really shows up all the natural colors, not only of the mountains, which are by itself is beautiful, but also of the huge boulders and rocks as well as desert vegetation.

Wonders of the Sea
Wonders of the Sea

This destination is thus a wonderful option for those who enjoy climbing, From the mountain top, you get an unbelievable view of the beautiful bay. During the golden hour of sunrise and sunset, it is a sight to see the entire range of orange shades all over the mountain and blue ocean water, the gradation of colours in the skies and the orange tint on the mountains that made this Mexico trip a memorable one.

Rock of Gibraltar, Europa Point Lighthouse

The airport of Gibraltar is one of a kind in the world. You get to experience a live runway crossing and be greeted by the world-famous limestone rock of Gibraltar that is every mariner’s dream to visit one day,

Wonders of the Sea
Wonders of the Sea

Most ships take a stop for refueling and further proceed to the English channel. On this coastal voyage we often take bearings from the Europa Point Lighthouse, The Europa Point Lighthouse, also referred to as the Trinity Lighthouse at Europa Point, is white with a red band, that is its characteristic as a lighthouse at Europa Point, at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea.

Wonders of the Sea
Wonders of the Sea

The Rock is 426 m high. monolithic limestone promontory in Gibraltar. It is almost a 45-minute bus ride from the heart of the city to the lighthouse. The bus goes across the city through narrow winding roads beautiful Spanish houses on either side. The Gibraltar limestone consists of greyish-white or pale-gray compact, and sometimes finely crystalline, medium to thick-bedded limestones. There are turrets that are present in the vicinity of the lighthouse and on top of the rock.

Voyage Across Aleutian Islands

After departing from Ferndale, Washington USA en route to Singapore it was quite a long voyage, because of the curvature of the earth and to cover the shortest distance, we navigate in a great circle sailing. As the distance towards poles is shorter we need to go from the extreme north.

Wonders of the Sea
Wonders of the Sea

As the courses were towards the north many km away from the Aleutian Islands. the temperature gets subzero. It is a phenomenon of the earth that towards the Poles, the weather is quite rough in the Pacific Ocean and since the seas also get to single-digit temperature, it is freezing cold.

Soon the weather started to get rough and we had to proceed through a snow blizzard for almost 6 hours. After the blizzard was over and upon further inspection, we realized that the whole forward mast and the deck area were covered in thick ice. All the steel structures got snow covering and it resembled a candle melting with the wax all around. The temperatures remained subzero and the snow and ice covering were present for almost 8 days until we started to change course towards the south.

Volcanic Mountains of Guatemala

Guatemala is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico to the north and west, Upon receiving the voyage orders and upon collecting information on the intended voyage we realized we will be berthing in Puerto Quetzal cruise ship terminal, I was quite excited to see active volcanoes. Upon approaching we had to anchor few nautical miles away from the breakwaters and since it was the night we couldn’t see any view,

As soon as it was daybreak it was a sight to be seen, in the background which consisted of volcanic mountains and the port facade was also inspired by the triangular mountains. The golden sunlight lighting the port structures and the sky made for a perfect contrast as well as a memorable morning.

Wonders of the Sea
Wonders of the Sea

Puerto Quetzal is Guatemala’s largest Pacific Ocean port. It is important for both cargo traffic and as a stop-off point for cruise liners.

It is located alongside the city of Puerto San José, which superseded as a port in importance to the country’s maritime traffic during the 20th century.

View of Ferndale USA

Ferndale is often seen as houses and bridges but once you approach via the sea, it becomes a new viewpoint. After crossing the Frazier river you see this view of Mt.Baker in the background and small wooden houses in the foreground.

Wonders of the Sea
Wonders of the Sea

Ferndale was given its name because of the ferns that once grew around the original schoolhouse. Ferndale was originally called Jam because the town was located next to a log jam on the Nooksack River. Mt. Baker is the third-highest mountain in Washington and the fifth-highest in the Cascade Range

Wonders of the Sea
Wonders of the Sea
Wonders of the Sea
Wonders of the Sea

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