Zesty Mornings: Unique breakfast experience at ITC Maurya

Over the years, ITC Hotels has earned a reputation for excellence in its culinary endeavours by stressing the spotlight on the best of Indian and international culinary traditions, distinguishable by their authentic flavours, quality ingredients and responsible sourcing. The key differentiator for the ITC Hotels has been its endeavour towards Responsible Luxury; Luxury without compromising the earth and sustainability without compromising luxury.

As part of its Responsible Luxury initiative, as well as giving a new touch & feel to the first meal of the day, ITC Hotels has come up with a new breakfast initiative, called Zesty Mornings, which is a caringly selected and mindfully prepared breakfast experience that contemplates various aspects for making one’s first meal of the day wholesome.
The Zesty Morning is a pan-India initiative launched at all ITC hotels. So now you can now indulge in some healthy and conscious breakfast choices that will keep you healthy and fit.
In the new breakfast offerings, the objective is to cater to not just taste or visual appeal, but to the overall wellbeing for the guests. Inclusion of greens, alternate beans/legumes, lentils, and vegetables ensures for a more well-rounded breakfast experience.
At ITC Maurya, Zesty Mornings can be experienced during breakfast at The Pavilion and at Ottimo at West View between 7:00 am to 10:30 am.When you start off your day with a healthy meal, you stay active all day long. If you are looking for a breakfast option that is healthy and tasty then you must try Zesty Mornings.
At ITC Maurya, the composite breakfast station offers a plethora of options to choose from such as Pavilion Juicery, Conscious cereals, Living grid, Cheese monger, Local love, to name a few.
The entire experience is heightened at the below-mentioned composite breakfast stations:

  • Pavilion Juicery: The Pavilion Juicery provides a plethora of options ranging from microgreens, sprouts and herbs, to an assortment of vegetables and fruits that encourage guests to make smart, informed decisions about what they can have for breakfast. In addition to the juicery, in season, whole and cut fruits, from networks of responsible farmers ensure nothing but the best produce to start a day
  • Conscious cereals: Conscious Cereals is a program that aims to enrich the ubiquitous process of consuming cereal for breakfast through the inclusion of ancient, forgotten grains that provide required fiber content to the body; Sorghum, Pearl Millets, Red Rice, Finger Millets and Amaranth, which are known to be good for one’s holistic wellbeing and helps sustain over a longer period of time
  • Living grid: Breakfast options across ITC Hotels have made microgreens available to the guests into a composite breakfast salad station called Living Grid. Power packed young sprouted greens like beetroot, amaranth, pumpkin, sunflower etc. One can pair these greens with nutrient dense, as well as flavourful sprinkles such as seeds, cheeses seasonings alongside light healthful dressings that make eating greens exciting
  • Breakfast Bowl: The Breakfast Bowl initiative redefines the way we eat yoghurt and granola. Zesty Mornings Breakfast program offers a choice of Flavoured Yoghurts, Toasted Nuts, Puffed Grains, Homemade Granolas, Fresh Fruit and Fruit Purees, that allow for our guests to customise their own breakfast bowls. Placed strategically alongside the Conscious Cereals, one may also get a little creative and opt for cereals and yoghurt instead of milk, to mix things up. Yoghurts are a natural probiotic. Pairing them with various flavours, textures and ancient grains, allow for a more wholesome experience during breakfast, where nutrition can be made tasty!
  • Cheese Monger: The Cheese Monger is an integral part of the ITC Hotels Zesty Mornings Breakfast. It is an amalgamation of European cheese making techniques, with locally sourced materials. By encouraging local entrepreneurs that have devoted themselves to the art of western cheese making, one not only creates new job opportunities within their own country, but allows for a more environmentally beneficial procedure of procuring said cheeses through the reduction of their carbon footprint
  • Pavilion Boulangerie: The Pavilion Boulangerie has been crafted by a team of highly skilled craftsmen who have made it their mission to make breakfast as nutrient dense as possible so as to ward off the aspect of empty calories from the overuse of refined flour in morning bakeries.
  • The Wokery: The Wokery is an Oriental Counter that caters to not only our International Asian clientele but also to our ‘at-home’ crowd by providing them numerous options in the cuisine. From dimsums and baos, to an entire soup bar, the wokery covers all aspects of a meal from protein to starch to vegetables without forgoing good taste, through a display of these Asian delicacies
  • Local Love: Local Love is a program that is unique to each ITC hotel. It is an area where every hotel showcases their local cuisine with pomp and pride so as to educate their guests that come from far and wide, and spread awareness of local Indian cuisine. At ITC Maurya, local love is showcased during Zesty Mornings by using old grains and old cooking methods to maintain the authenticity of the ancient cuisines, so as to present the customers with real, local food
  • South Indian Delicacies: No breakfast buffet is complete without pillow soft Idlis, fresh of the pan Dosas, a choice of accompanying Chutneys and Podis, and a piping hot, delectable Sambhar. Keeping in touch with classic recipes, At Zesty Mornings, Chefs employ the expertise to bring back the forgotten heritage of handmade batters and chutneys, and home ground podis to bring out the best flavours in food
  • Western Griddle: The western griddle is a Zesty Morning Buffet section that includes but does not limit itself to pancakes, sausages, eggs and bacon
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