Covid cure: The million dollar question


It’s not only COVID monitors and Corona metres that are at odds with each other, so too Covid19 prediction models that go awry with senseless regularity.

Add the much touted curveball vaccines that are in Trial 2, 3 or 4 stages globally and get alternatively hyped or paused globally or get show cause notices for not following changing protocols, much to everyone’s befuddlement.

Nobody can tell if a vaccine will come into play in mid 2021 or 2022 or if it will ever be found as the virus mutates in different regions.

Probably individual or herd immunity will happen simultaneously and even that is a mute question.

We even have a fresh theory that masks are a form of crude vaccine as it exposes the wearer to just enough of the virus.

Plasma therapy doesn’t reduce mortality versus plasma therapy banks for recovery?

So much for the disease itself.

I’m equally bemused by Covid reports, surveys and studies released as newspaper headlines that get refuted almost the next day by a public that says one thing and does the other with random ease.

So LocalCircles in its survey report says that 69 % Indians are not travelling in the upcoming festive season in October- November and next day a newspaper report headlines that domestic airlines fly high in September as demand soars.

Flying straight in the face of a Knight Frank report indicating that the corporate real estate (CRE) cost is around 4.3% of the operating income and that an astounding 90% of the WFH surveyed employees ( many in IT) missed their offices, comes a refuting KPMG report that says that India Inc will keep WFH as a standard practice for the intermediate future.

I admit that Covid is another word for the unpredictable, but with so much distortion of what is, what can be and what should…your guess is as good and as valid as any big time market report, popular blog or national newspaper headline.

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