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Discover Budapest with the Fat Boy Foodies Walk- the best 4-hour Food tour

One of the best ways to experience Budapest the Hungarian capital is through a food tour – the best of which is Fat Boy Foodies Walk.

Fat Boy Foodies Walk
Fat Boy Foodies Walk

The good weather is finally here, after the long and gloomy autumn the tourist season is starting in Budapest. With beautiful sunshine and clear skies, this weather is the perfect time to get outside and explore the world around us, or perhaps go on a sightseeing adventure.

With the arrival of good weather, more and more tourists come to Budapest to experience the city’s rich history, impressive architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and of course, the local cuisine. With so many things to see and do, it’s no wonder that Budapest has become one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations.

From visiting the famous thermal baths to exploring the city’s many museums and galleries, there is no shortage of attractions in Budapest. And for those who want to experience the city’s culinary delights, there are plenty of food and drink tours on offer, including gastro tours that let you sample the country’s signature flavours.

Taste Budapest with Fat Boy Foodies Walk

In addition, the food tour is a fantastic way to combine sightseeing with a delicious culinary experience, while visiting the most beautiful points of the city and seeing the sights. One of the most popular food tours is the Taste Budapest – Fat Boy Foodies Walk, where, with the help of knowledgeable guides, everybody can embark on a culinary gastronomic journey.

During the tours, the guests can taste a wide variety of local dishes at 7 different locations, from the classic Hungarian stew to lesser-known delicacies, such as the mouth-wateringly sweet trumpet cake and traditional Hungarian sweets.

The four-hour walking tour is organized in the heart of Budapest, and during the trip, guests are not only taken to the not-typical tourist spots but also get to know the typical foods of the local markets and butcher shops.

“We are very happy that we can show the city to those coming to Budapest within the framework of such a special walk and food tour, as we can bring Hungarian culture closer to tourists through their stomachs”- said Máté, the founder of the Fat Boy Foodies Walk.

During the tour, the guests can taste hot, cold, sweet and salty traditional Hungarian dishes in the city center, while the guide walks from one location to another and introduces the city to the tourists.

“The favourite food of our guests is usually the lángos (fried flatbread), which is a typical Hungarian delicacy, and the chimney cake, which can be ordered in countless flavour variations. We always tell them in advance that they arrive with an empty stomach, as we will also eat a filling bowl of beef stew with dumplings, which we will wash down later with a selection of 5 cakes” – said Máté about the tour.

On the tour, one can also visit places of historical significance, including a 150-year-old cafe, where the writers used to write their poems, and the famous Andrássy Street, where there are many designer shops, and restaurants.

On the program, the guests can taste not only food but also the famous Hungarian pálinka. The tour’s slogan “Taste Budapest” is absolutely true, as visitors can really get a slice of Budapest. As Máté mentions, “It is worth coming to the program with an empty stomach so that nothing is left on the plate.”

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