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New Data Reveals The Most Popular Cuisines You Need To Try In 2023!

With around 195 countries in the world, there are an endless amount of cuisines to indulge your taste buds in!

New Data Reveals The Most Popular Cuisines You Need To Try In 2023
New Data Reveals The Most Popular Cuisines You Need To Try In 2023

Trying to visit all the countries in the world to sample their cuisines is most definitely not practical; however, adventure holiday travel company The Bucket List Company has done some research to find the top 10 most popular cuisines from around the world. 

By looking at average monthly searches, rankings from social media engagement, sentiment & views and combining these stats, they were able to uncover the top 10 cuisines you must try in 2023!

The Top 10 Ranked Cuisines votesAverage Monthly Searches 2022Love Reactions (%)Total EngagementsInstagram #TikTok ViewsReddit Sentiment Score
New Data Reveals The Most Popular Cuisines You Need To Try In 2023

Korean – Taking first place is Korean cuisine which has a huge social media ‘love’ reaction of 95%, over 9500,000 Instagram hashtags and an average of 40500 monthly searches! The national dish of Korea is kimchi, a traditional fermented side dish. 

Korea Cuisine
Korea Cuisine

Italian – In second place is Italian food, with over 26 thousand votes on, a HUGE 368000 average monthly searches and a total of over 150,000 social media engagements. Ragù alla Bolognese is considered the national dish of Italy, which is unsurprising as most people associate Italy with either pasta or pizza! 

Italian Cuisine
Italian Cuisine

Mexican – Finally, Mexican food takes a very impressive third place with over 242,000 social engagements, a ‘love’ rating of 66% on social media and over 4,900 average monthly searches. The national dish of Mexico is Mole, a sauce made from hot chillies and has many different variations across the country. 

Mexican Cuisine
Mexican Cuisine


Calculated an overall score of the cuisines. This was done by multiplying the votes on by Reddit sentiment and then adding the social media hashtags, number of Google searches, and total engagements. Lastly, divided this number by 100 and multiplied it by the percentage of love reactions.

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