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Wholesome and cool Roast Pumpkin by Exec Chef Amit Kumar

Roast Pumpkin by Exec Chef Amit Kumar, Aloft New Delhi Aerocity is the stand out Navratri food to try out with Samak Rice when the festivites come around.

Roast Pumpkin by Exec Chef Amit Kumar
Roast Pumpkin by Exec Chef Amit Kumar

When we asked ‘What is your favourite dish to cook during Navratri?’ to India’s top Chefs – we received the most creative and delicious vrat food that will make everyone’s heart sing. Trust India’s top chefs to make our Navratri campaign a success!

Exec Chef Amit Kumar, Aloft New Delhi Aerocity shared his favourite dish to eat during Navratri along with the recipe, so all readers can make his recommended meal in their home for their loved ones.

Celebrating food during the Navratri festival in mid-April is part of the activities over 9-days of festivities. These include prayers and fasting, celebrating the divine feminine with puja to godess Durga and folk dances and jubilation.

What is traditionally known as Navratri food are nutritious and diet-friendly meals presented in the most appetizing and creative ways.

Exec Chef Amit Kumar, Aloft New Delhi Aerocity shares his Favourite dish to eat during Navratri

Happy Navratri! Happy Cooking!

Recipe – Roast Pumpkin by Exec Chef Amit Kumar accompanied with Samak Rice

Roast Pumpkin by Exec Chef Amit Kumar
Roast Pumpkin by Exec Chef Amit Kumar
  1. Cut your pumpkin in the shape you want and marinate with butter, kaffirlime, and sendha namak
  2. Cook in pre-heat oven for about 15 minutes at 160 degree temperature
  3. Now boil your samak rice and strain keep them a side
Ginger rhizome Wholesome and cool Roast Pumpkin by Exec Chef Amit Kumar
  1. For sauce take a pan and heat with some butter and ginger and then add coconut milk, kaffirlime along with some water
  2. Cook sauce for about 10 minutes at slow temperature and finish with sendha namak and lemon juice


  1. Season your boil samak rice and place on the plate
  2. Place pumpkin dice on top of samak rice and then pour sauce by side
  3. Put toasted makhana on top of dice pumpkin and garnish with fresh coriander leaves


  • 100 gms pumpkin dice
  • 50 ml butter
  • 50 ml samak rice
  • 100 ml coconut milk
  • 3 leaves kaffirlime leaves
  • 10 gms butter
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1 no. lemon juice
  • 2 gms ginger
  • 6 pcs makhana
  • 10 gms pumpkin seed
  • Garnish coriander leaves
  • Sendha Namak

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