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10 glorious sunset points that make you go Ooh!

Does watching a sunset make you all warm and fuzzy? Here are some great sunset points to inspire you.

According to research, sunsets have many psychological effects that enhance the long-lasting satisfaction of life and physical benefits and have been proven to relieve stress. No wonder the time when the sun sets or rises is called ‘The Golden Hour’. For all Instagrammers, “the golden hour” or “magic hour,” provides the perfect light to capture awesome photos. 

Here are a few lesser-known destinations in India where you can watch beautiful sunsets in India and marvel over the splendour of the scenic views.

Lion’s point, Maharashtra

This beautiful sunset point located in Lonavla is a must-visit. It is a prominent tourist attraction famous for its sunset and sunrise views. Enjoy some tea and snacks from the numerous food stalls present there. Although it is a steep drive to the point, the beautiful view is worth it.

Arambol beach, Goa

Arambol beach is one of the most famous beaches in Goa. It is located in the north of Goa and is a great place to relax and enjoy. Tourists from all over the world visit this beach due to its chilled-out vibe. This beach is especially popular among musicians who come together to make music. Grab a hot cuppa and watch the sun go down.

Kalo Dungar, Gujarat

Sunset at Kalo Dungar, Gujarat
Sunset at Kalo Dungar, Gujarat

Kalo Dungar, situated in Kutch, is the highest point in the district at a height of 462m. It is also known as the Black hill and is a marvellous place for tourists to explore. There is a Legend that says Lord Dattatreya stopped to rest here and found a group of starving jackals.

The Rann Utsav provides a great excursion as the Rann looks beautiful from atop the hills. The view of the sun setting from here is incomparable.

Agumbe Sunset Viewpoint, Karnataka

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Agumbe Sunset Viewpoint, Karnataka

Located in Agumbe, this sunset point is one of the most famous tourist spots in Agumbe. It is perched at a height of 825m above sea level and is one of the highest peaks of the western ghats. The best time to visit would be from November to January as the sky will be clear during this period. The sunset point here is famous as it offers a magnificent view of the setting sun on the Arabian Sea.

Shillong View Point, Meghalaya
3 3 10 glorious sunset points that make you go Ooh!
Shillong View Point, Meghalaya

Look at Shillong through a bird’s eye view from this amazing sunset point. It has observational towers that offer magnificent views of Shillong. This point is the highest peak in Shillong at an altitude of 1,965m. According to the locals, the patron deity ‘Leishyllong’ resided at the hill and protects the city against all evils. With its breathtaking sunsets, this place is worth the visit.

Ponmudi, Kerala

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Ponmudi, Kerala

The literal translation of Ponmudi is ‘The Golden Peak’ which is one of the peaks of the Western ghats. It is located at a distance of just 55 km from Thiruvananthapuram and is perched at an elevation of 3600 ft. This place offers panoramic views of the entire region and offers a glorious view of the sunset.

Millennium Park, West Bengal

5 3 10 glorious sunset points that make you go Ooh!
Millennium Park, West Bengal

Situated in the city of Kolkata, the millennium park is a perfect location to take a break. From here, you can get amazing views of the Ganges and Howrah Bridge. The entry fee to this park is Rs 10 per person which is a small price to pay to sit by the riverside and watch the spectacular sunset.

Astanmarg, Kashmir

Astanmarg is a small hamlet located in Srinagar. This spot is famous for paragliding and is quite popular among tourists. It is a great place to visit for all you adventurous folks out there. End your day of fun with a splendid sunset view with the sky lighting the mighty mountains of the valley. 

Puri beach, Odisha

Also known as the golden beach, is located on the coastline of Odisha. It is an excellent spot for tanning and sunbathing with loads of fun water sports to do such as angling, surfing, boating, and much more. If you’re not the adventurous kind, take a stroll along the beach in the evening with your significant other while appreciating the spectacular sunset dipping into the sea.

Brahmaputra river, Assam

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Brahmaputra river, Assam

The Brahmaputra River is also known as the Dilao in Assam, is a transboundary river that flows through Tibet, India, and Bangladesh. Take the sunset cruise which starts at 5:30 pm to enjoy a relaxing time with an unforgettable sunset view.

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