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Gift Guide 2023: Luxury Gifts for the Festive Season

When the ordinary simply won’t do, and you’re seeking something truly exceptional to express your affection, love or appreciation for someone special, our curated selection of luxury gifts have you covered. After all, the festive season is a time of celebration, reflection, and, most importantly, gifting.

Luxury Gifts: Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rose
Luxury Gifts: Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rose

We are back to the golden age of glamour, where the purr of a vintage car’s engine and the pop of an expensive bottle of world-class champagne signify a time of opulent celebration and heartfelt appreciation.

Imagine the allure of a classic roadster, its gleaming chrome and sumptuous leather interiors invoking a bygone era of elegance as a lifestyle if not a lifetime experience, or the exquisite pleasure of savouring a glass of rare vintage champagne, each bubble telling a story of prestige and perfection.

We bring these experiences into our luxury collection, combining the timeless grace of custom-crafted luggage and the glittering sophistication of fine jewellery with the contemporary charm of the latest and most exclusive gadgets. Welcome to the epitome of luxury gifting, where every choice is a testament to a season of splendour.

Classic Meets Contemporary: The Revival of Retro Luxury Automobiles

Retro-inspired cars are making a big comeback, although they never did go out of fashion. While the 2023 Ford Bronco, Ford has a price tag of $33,890 and the 2022 Mercedes-Benz G-Class. has a price tag of $140,950 – the coolest vintage recreation is the Bentley Blower Jnr – a road-legal, 85 per cent scale recreation of the famous Bentley Blower.

Luxury Gift Experience: Bentley Blower Jnr
Luxury Gift Experience: Bentley Blower Jnr

Famous Bentley Blower reborn as Blower Jnr – The First Edition

The first 99 examples of Blower Jnr will be First Edition Models. These will feature First Edition badging on the hood, door sill plate and dash as well as an engraved and numbered ‘1 of 99’ plaque.

All First Edition models will be finished in Blower Green, with matching painted chassis and wheels, and a Union flag hand-painted on both sides of the body as per the original, while the seats and interior are upholstered in the Dark Green Lustrana Hide used by Mulliner for the Blower Continuation Series.

Blower Jnr
Blower Jnr

The side panel and radiator carry the period-correct racing number, while the steering wheel is rope-bound. Production is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2024, starting with the 99 First Edition models.

Quick facts

  • 85 per cent scale recreation of 1929 4½-litre Supercharged Bentley created by The Little Car Company
  • ‘Blower Jnr’ will be fully road-legal in the UK, EU and USA
  • Inspired by Team Car No. 2, the most famous, valuable and iconic Bentley in the world
  • 99 First Edition cars colour-matched to Team Car No. 2, complete with Union flags and unique details

( Price: The Blower Jr First Edition which will launch in 2024, is likely to be priced at £90,000 excluding VAT and shipping.)

Champagne: The Classic Luxury Gift for Celebratory Moments

Champagne, the very word evokes images of celebration, sophistication, and the effervescent joy of life’s most memorable moments. As a luxury gift, it is unparalleled in its ability to convey the significance of an occasion or the depth of one’s sentiments. It isn’t just a present; it’s a statement, a gesture steeped in tradition and the height of refined taste.

Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle Iteration No.25

image 7 Gift Guide 2023: Luxury Gifts for the Festive Season
Luxury Gifts: Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle Iteration No.25

This remarkable champagne is a tribute to two and a half centuries of dedication to perfection. Crafted from the finest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, Iteration No. 25 is a blend of exceptional vintages, resulting in a wine that defines elegance and complexity. With its radiant salmon-pink hue and delicate effervescence, this champagne captivates the senses from the very first pour.

The aromas of wild strawberries, redcurrant jam, and notes of candied fruits promise a sensory journey like no other. On the palate, the Grand Siècle Iteration No. 25 reveals layers of flavours, including red fruits, toasted almonds, and a subtle mineral character. At INR 37,500/-, its exceptional depth and long-lasting finish make it a true masterpiece, worthy of the most celebrated occasions.

Travel in Style – Bespoke Luggage

Monogrammed Leather Suitcases: A few gifts spell luxury as a personalized leather suitcase. Classic colours like rich mahogany or deep navy, with the recipient’s initials delicately monogrammed are great buys. Brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Goyard are renowned for offering personalized leather suitcases in classic hues. 

louis vuitton trunk 49e7d0 1024 scaled Gift Guide 2023: Luxury Gifts for the Festive Season
A Louis Vuitton Trunk courtesy National Parks Gallery. Based on its design details this trunk probably dates to the early twentieth century, sometime before 1914.

Names like Roam and Leatherology are famous for customised carry-ons and checked bags tailored using top-quality materials, ensuring both style and longevity. Customers can craft their own unique wearable art pieces using personalized leather, design, monograms, and hand-painted initials. The Collections extend to a wide range of luxury gifts in leather goods, such as wallets, passport holders, and toiletry cases.

FPM Milano x Gucci Luggage Collection – Spinner 68

FPM Milano and Gucci have teamed up to add a touch of luxury to your travels with a new luggage line – a wonderful choice in luxury gifts. This collection, named “Gucci Porter,” celebrates the humble beginnings of Guccio Gucci, who once worked as a porter in London’s famous Savoy Hotel. The collaboration introduces three revamped versions of FPM’s classic aluminium trolley and vanity case, all with that special Gucci flair.

These silver suitcases and vanity cases come with Gucci’s distinctive GG Supreme canvas on the handles, a chic detachable luggage tag, and a nylon-lined interior for a sleek look inside and out – one of the best luxury gifts for men.

Top off your travel gear with the standout piece of the collection, the FPM Milano Spinner 68 suitcase with stylish studs. It’s available for $1,535, which includes duties and handling but doesn’t cover taxes and shipping costs.

FPM Milano x Gucci Luggage Collection
Luxury Gift – FPM Milano x Gucci Luggage Collection

Artisan-crafted Travel Sets: These sets often include a matching suitcase, carry-on, and duffel bag. They are not just about utility but also about making a style statement wherever one travels. Tumi Nordstrom, Rimowa, Paravel Aviator, and Antler Clifton are notable names in luxury travel sets, known for their style statements, handcrafted designs, leather details, and high-quality materials. 

While their aesthetic appeal is evident, many of these brands also prioritize sustainability by using recycled and upcycled fabrics in their designs. These sets stand out with their handcrafted exteriors, elegant leather details, and luxe accents

Exclusive Aromas: Discover Limited Edition Perfumes

Limited Edition Scents: Some of the world’s most renowned perfumers release limited edition fragrances during the festive season. These scents, often presented in handcrafted bottles, are perfect for those who appreciate the finer nuances of fragrances. Luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, and Guerlain often unveil festive limited-edition fragrances in artistically crafted bottles.

Bespoke Perfumery Experience: Gift an experience where the recipient can work with expert perfumers to create their signature scent. Jo Malone and Le Labo offer experiences where recipients can craft their personalized scent.

IMAGINE GUERLAIN Gift Guide 2023: Luxury Gifts for the Festive Season
Luxury Gifts – Guerlain & Begüm Khan: A Limited Edition 2023 Collection

Guerlain & Begüm Khan: A Limited Edition 2023 Collection

Guerlain pairs up with Turkish designer Begüm Khan for a holiday special, revealing the Imagine Guerlain collection, each bottle numbered for exclusivity. Inspired by Guerlain’s love for animal symbols, Begüm Khan has designed a signature piece for the season: a golden bee set on a sunlit flower, bringing a touch of imperial elegance to the iconic Bee Bottle. Filled with a rich, amber-hued perfume, it’s a scent that captures the festive spirit.

This magnificent creation is available solely through Guerlain’s official channels. Indulge in the magic with the 2023 Millésime showcasing 125 ML Bee Bottle & 30mL Spray, priced at $1,000.00.

Sparkle and Shine: Luxury Jewellery Gifts

Statement Necklaces: Think diamonds, sapphires, and other precious stones intricately set in a design that’s both timeless and contemporary. Brands like Tiffany & Co., Bvlgari, and Cartier offer exquisite necklaces with precious stones.

Custom-made Rings: Go the extra mile by commissioning a bespoke ring, considering the recipient’s taste and style. Harry Winston and Chopard are notable for their bespoke ring designs tailored to individual tastes.

image 10 Gift Guide 2023: Luxury Gifts for the Festive Season
Luxury Gifts – Cartier’s Bailong Brooch

Cartier’s New Treasure: The Le Voyage Recommencé Collection

Discover the simple elegance and journey-inspired designs of Cartier’s new High Jewelry line, “Le Voyage Recommencé,” straight from their Paris workshops. This collection of luxury gifts for women offers a range of extraordinary pieces, each capturing the spirit of Cartier’s classic style.

Bailong Brooch Take a closer look at the Bailong Brooch. Cartier’s craftsmanship brings a dragon to life, complete with flowing energy from head to tail, perched atop a striking 30.11-carat tourmaline. In its claw, it proudly holds a bright yellow diamond.

This brooch is estimated between USD 170,000 and USD 280,000, promising to be more than just a luxury item—it’s a wearable story of Cartier’s journey through design.

Elite Tech Toys and Luxe Comforts: Exclusive Gizmos and Amenities

High-end Headphones: Brands like Bang & Olufsen, Sennheiser, and Sony offer headphones with exceptional sound quality, active noise cancellation, and a design that oozes luxury. What great luxury gifts.

21395835396 4958fd1505 b 1 scaled Gift Guide 2023: Luxury Gifts for the Festive Season
Luxury Gifts – Home Theater with Star Ceiling: Sony 4K projection, Dolby Atmos surround sound, Paradigm CI Elite speakers, Onkyo AV receiver, Elite Screens, control by Savant.Photography by Brad Montgomery

Smart Home Devices: Think voice-controlled curtains, lighting, and security systems. These devices are all about convenience paired with luxury.  Luxury home tech brands like Sony Entertainment, Govee smart plugs for Wi-Fi lighting, Terra Kaife for the best Barista coffee, Americano to a cappuccino, and Gardyn for stunning in-home gardens offer voice-controlled amenities for a lavish lifestyle.

Exclusive Tech Gadgets: From the latest iPhone in a custom finish to DJI for high-end drones for photography enthusiasts, the world of luxury tech offers a plethora of options.

drones 2048px 0706 2x1 1 Gift Guide 2023: Luxury Gifts for the Festive Season
Luxury Gifts – The DJI Air 2S for drone photography

Sky-High Photography: Affordable Drones for Stunning Shots

Easy Aerial Shots with Drones For those who dream of capturing the world from above, drones are your wings. They give you angles and shots that once needed costly and complex equipment like cranes. Now, these user-friendly gadgets are must-haves for online creators. DJI Air 2S: Top Pick for Photos and Videos: The DJI Air 2S stands out as the best drone for aspiring photographers and videographers. It’s a great deal, mixing DJI’s trusted obstacle avoidance with a high-quality 5.4K camera and long battery life, all for around USD 1000.

A perfect gift to remember 

Extravagant luxury travel experiences
Extravagant luxury travel experience – luxury gifts to remember

The festive season is about making memories, and what better way than gifting something that’s cherished for years to come? This curated list aims to help you find the perfect luxury gift- be it the allure of a custom scent, the brilliance of a diamond necklace, or the sophistication of a bespoke travel set or even a perfect luxury vacation. The warmth of the memory will last for years.

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