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Taste your way through delicious local delicacies of Czech cuisine

Czech cuisine, whether in a traditional or modern guise, is full of flavour and has many influences. Czech cuisine is diverse and offers various specialties, but most of all – its delicious food.

When planning our travels, one very important thing on everyone’s to-do list is taste the local delicacies and flavors the places we are traveling to have to offer Your taste buds are definitely in for a treat when traveling to the Czech Republic.

Let’s begin with something light

People in the Czech Republic love to start their meal with a piping hot bowl of delicious soup and Czech cooks are masters of cooking soup. In the Czech Republic, soup is not only a dish but also a cure. Potato soup with mushrooms ranges among the most popular Czech soups.

Czech cuisine
Czech cuisine – Nourishing Soup

Czech soups are extremely good and have almost reached magical effects. Other soups prepared in different versions all over the country include kyselo (sourdough and mushroom soup) or kulajda.

During winters, to taste traditional czech cuisine, especially the real Wallachian kyselica (sauerkraut soup), we recommend visiting Staré časy Restaurant in Horní Bečva.

You won’t have Mush-room for more food after trying out these mushroom specialties

Another favorite ingredient of the Czechs are mushrooms, and it has become a very important part of the cuisine. In fact, mushroom-picking is a kind of national sport for the Czechs.

Czech cuisine
Czech cuisine -Mushroom local delicacy

Mushroom-picking is a popular activity and tradition for whole families, especially in the summer time.  

Here are some must try’s – Mushroom and hulled grain “Kuba” and of course Kulajda soup.

Go Hearty or Go Home (Just Kidding)

Czechs love their meats. A number of dishes in the Czech Republic have meat as the main ingredient and the dishes are delicious. Traditional Czech dishes are made from animals, birds or fish bred in the surrounding areas. While a pork and beef are the main meats used here, you will find a variety of dishes made from mutton, chicken as well as fish.

Czech cuisine
Czech cuisine – Hearty meal

Here are a few dishes you can try on your next adventure to the Czech Republic – Goulash, Fried Carp with potato salad, Pheasant in Wine Sauce, Lamb with potato dumplings, Roast beef on chanterelles, Stuffed Trout with (Wild) Mushrooms (regional recipe from South Bohemia, “Pstruh po šumavsku”) and the list can go on!

We have a Filling I might need more dumplings after this

If you have visited the Czech Republic without tasting the fruit dumplings, you have to go right back to make amends.

The fruit dumpling is a traditional Czech specialty, with a few typical characteristics, which primarily comprise their seasonality and the different ways they are served in different regions. Even though fruit dumplings are in season year-round in the Czech Republic, they are best in summer when there is abundance of fresh fruit.

Czech cuisine
Czech cuisine – Fruit dumpling

One of the most popular side dish in Czech cuisine are dumplings. Czech dumplings are traditional savory and sweet dumplings created with various ingredients. The main savory varieties include houskový – made with soaked bread; bramborové – made with mashed potatoes; tvarohove – made with curd cheese, and the plain yeast dumplings.

Regardless of the type, these Czech dumplings are so fragrant and succulent and they will leave you wanting more! 

Vegetarians don’t worry we got you covered to

Mostly when we read about Czech Cuisine, you tend to find dishes heavy with meats. However, don’t worry veggie lovers we got your back. Here are some traditional dishes for your taste buds – Potato Pancakes (Delicious although not diet-friendly!

Czech cuisine
Czech cuisine Pancakes and Crepes

These are an extremely popular main dish, side dish or street food), Fried Cheese (Sounds mouthwatering doesn’t it and its best accompanied with Beer!) and crepes (The Czechs adore sweet crepes. They are a very popular main dish or a dessert. There are plenty of varieties: with sweet curd, with fruit jams or sliced fresh fruit or with chocolate).

So, happy eating as you make your way through the Czech Republic sampling Czech cuisine.

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