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Jitendra Taak: Hyderabad’s hospitality market is experiencing an exciting surge

In an exclusive interview with Kamal Gill, Exec Editor, Today’s Traveller, Jitendra Taak, General Manager, ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad, speaks on new developments and investments in the area, along with improved connectivity, which offers a vibrant turn for the city’s hospitality sector.

Jitendra Taak, General Manager, ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad
Jitendra Taak, General Manager, ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad

TT Bureau: What factors have contributed to the success of ITC Kohenur?

Jitendra Taak: Our dedication to delivering exceptional quality of service has always been unwavering. I strongly believe that every guest deserves a memorable experience, and our team consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that happens at ITC Kohenur.

Our strategic location in Hitech City has truly been a game-changer. It not only offers our guests convenience but also provides access to the vibrant pulse of the city’s business and cultural spots, enhancing their overall experience. I take immense pride in the strength of our cuisine, spanning over 5 F&B outlets, 2 bars and 1 chocolate boutique. Our chefs meticulously craft tantalizing menus that showcase culinary excellence across each of our venues, ensuring that every meal experience is a delightful journey for our guests.

Our rooms are not just spacious but also embody luxury and comfort in every detail. It’s these little touches that make a big difference and contribute significantly to the overall guest experience. Our commitment to consistency is what turns first-time visitors into loyal patrons. Understanding the importance of every interaction, the team strives to make each one memorable, building lasting relationships with our guests.

ITC Kohenur’s focus on responsible luxury, with sustainability being at the helm of our offerings and being a Leed Platinum-certified hotel, is another unique element that allows travellers to experience luxury while being responsible. This aspect resonates well with modern travellers and further solidifies our reputation for excellence in Hyderabad’s hospitality landscape.

TT Bureau: Could you describe the journey and milestones of excellence achieved by your hotel?

Jitendra Taak: Our journey has been nothing short of remarkable, marked by milestones that reflect our commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to our guests’ satisfaction.

From having an incredible first year and being well-received by the market to navigating through challenging COVID times with successful strategies. The post-COVID boom also proved to boost the demand in business for the hospitality sector.

The design and architecture of the hotel have also been a strong suit, with responsible luxury being at the forefront of our business model. Our efforts have been recognized and celebrated with accolades and awards across the years, including prestigious ones such as the HVS Anarock Awards for Best 5 Star Luxury/Upscale Hotel 2023, Telangana State Energy Conservation Awards TSECA – 2023, Hospitality Horizon Awards,

Winner Top 5 Hotels For Architecture & Design 2023, Times Food and Nightlife Awards for our F&B venues, and many more across the years. These acknowledgements validate our relentless pursuit of quality and innovation.

One of our proudest achievements has been the significant increase in our average room rate which is a testament to the consistent excellence in service that our guests have come to expect and appreciate.

Our culinary destinations continue to thrive with an addition to one more dining venue in 2024, the iconic Peshwari which saw an incredible response from the city. Through these milestones and accolades, we’ve not just set benchmarks but also built enduring relationships with our guests, ensuring that each stay is not just memorable but also an experience of luxury, comfort, and unparalleled hospitality at ITC Kohenur.

TT Bureau: What are your views on the current growth and prospects of the market?

Jitendra Taak: Hyderabad’s hospitality market is experiencing an exciting surge with numerous positive developments. The increase in market dynamics, new F&B offerings, and the opening of new hotels signal a promising future.

The boost in occupancy due to new developments and investments in the area, along with improved connectivity, paints a vibrant picture for the city’s hospitality sector. This growth trajectory seems to offer great opportunities for those in the industry.

TT Bureau: What is the one activity that you consider essential to include in your daily routine?

Jitendra Taak: For me, the one essential activity in my daily routine would be the 30-minute huddle with the team. It’s the heartbeat of our operations, where we discuss thoughts, ideas, market trends, and guest experiences.

Monitoring what went right, any scope for improvement and planning ahead sets the tone for each day, ensuring we address the current scenario while keeping an eye on long-term strategies. Focusing on quality, cost, processes, and creating a memorable WOW experience for guests, along with celebrating successes, makes this daily ritual invaluable in driving our success.

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