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Get that perfect tan at these 5 lesser-explored beaches in India

From Honey beach in Karnataka to Marari beach in Alleppey, bookmark these pristine, sun-kissed lesser-explored beaches in India for your future beach holidays.

Honey beach, Ankola (Karnataka) - one of the lesser-explored beaches in India
Honey beach, Ankola (Karnataka) one of the lesser-explored beaches in India

Curating a list of largely unexplored and lesser-known beaches in India one can visit to enjoy the sun, and sand and get the perfect tan when it is safe to travel is this list by

Honey beach, Ankola (Karnataka)

A treasure hidden away from the hustle-bustle of people, Honey beach (also known as Honnebail Beach) is located in Ankola, a small town at a distance of approx. 29 km from Gokarna. Surrounded by hills on one and the vast ocean on the beach gives travellers a feel of a private beach.

One can spend quality time swimming in the crystal clear waters or relax at the shore or enjoy the mesmerising sunset with loved ones. When it’s safe to travel, take your girl gang to Gokarna for some adrenaline-filled water sports, or enjoy a pleasant evening at Honey beach, which is accessible via a roadway or by ferry.

Zalor beach, Varca (Goa) - one of the lesser-explored beaches in India
Zalor beach, Varca (Goa)one of the lesser-explored beaches in India

Zalor beach, Varca (Goa)

Located in Varca, Zalor beach is one of the hidden beauties of South Goa away from all the clutter and chaos.

Beautiful, peaceful and unspoilt, travellers can visit the beach for a soothing dip in the sea or witness the different shades of the sunset while sipping on some delicious mocktails with their loved ones.

One can also visit nearby attractions like the San Thome Museum, Varca Beach, Our Lady of Grace Church and Colva Beach. Zalor beach is perfect for a restful vacation and a long walk on the beach.

Marari Beach, Allepy (Kerala) -one of the lesser-explored beaches in India
Marari Beach, Allepy (Kerala)one of the lesser-explored beaches in India

Marari beach, Allepy (Kerala)

Beat your blues and uplift your mood as you visit the Marari beach located in Alleppey, a clean and relatively untouched beach. Named after the fishing village of Mararikulam, the Marari beach makes for a perfect destination to unwind.

This secluded beach is surrounded by the clear sea on one side and groves of coconut trees on the other. One can also visit the many cafes located around the beach, once they make the most of their visit to the beach. Marari offers a number of eco and cultural tourism resorts that offer great stay options.

Ozran Beach, Vagator (Goa) - one of the lesser-explored beaches in India
Ozran Beach, Vagator (Goa)one of the lesser-explored beaches in India

Ozran beach, Vagator (Goa)

Located just after Anjuna Beach in North Goa, close to Vagator, Ozran beach is a small but very picturesque beach.

This beach is a true example of a sweet fruit after hard work, as one needs to climb over a hill to get to the destination.

But the view and the experience surpasses the efforts, as one can sunbathe on the beach or go for a quick dip in the water or simply watch the colours of the sky change at sunset. The beach offers a number of beach shacks for travellers to enjoy and outside the shacks are beach beds to relax or get a tan.

Baludera Beach, Baratang (Andaman and Nicobar Islands) - one of the lesser-explored beaches in India
Baludera Beach, Baratang (Andaman and Nicobar Islands)one of the lesser-explored beaches in India

Baludera beach, Baratang (Andaman and Nicobar Islands)

Baludera beach, located on the eastern side of Baratang, is located at a distance of 9 km from Nilambur Jetty and is also connected by road from Baratang.

This quiet and relatively deserted beach on the Andamans offers travellers a calm and serene environment, while the crystal clear water makes it the perfect spot for a relaxing swim. One can also pack a picnic and spend the day peacefully with their loved ones. When in Baratang, you can also visit the Limestone Caves or the Mud Volcano, when it is safe to travel again.

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