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ITC Hotels super food “Millet” recipes now at Marriott Hotels – “UN International Year of Millets”

ITC Hotels “Millet” recipes now at Marriott International Hotels reaffirming commitment to ” UN International Year of Millets “

ITC Hotels "Millet" recipes now at Marriott International Hotels reaffirming commitment to "Un International Year of Millets"
ITC Hotels “Millet” recipes now at Marriott International Hotels reaffirming commitment to “Un International Year of Millets”

The tide has now turned. The forgotten grain is back. The search for nutritious food grains which are planet friendly as well as climate resilient has put the spotlight on an ancient Indian superfood ‘millets’. 

Contributing towards growing their preference and popularity not only in India but also internationally, the ITC Hotel Group, known for its culinary excellence, and sustainability ethos has taken the initiative to launch an extensive range of Millet-based breads across ITC Hotels and select Marriott International hotels in India and the APAC region that includes countries like Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Indonesia.

The initiative aspires to make a meaningful contribution to the Government of India’s pioneering role in promoting the goodness of millets across the world by commemorating 2023 as the International Year of Millets along with the United Nations.

Lapsi Foxtail Millet (Kangani) Sweet Porridge
Lapsi Foxtail Millet (Kangani) Sweet Porridge

As part of this initiative, Chefs at ITC Hotels have extensively researched and curated a millet-based bread menu.  Millets are nutritionally dense, with higher levels of protein and dietary fibre and a possible answer to 21st-century lifestyle conditions.

These millet breads are gluten-free and have a low-glycaemic index. Sorghum Sundried tomato sourdough bread, Foxtail millet and Carrot bread, Multi millet and Turmeric loaf and Pearl millet focaccia are some of the breads in this menu that will be available in all their wholesome goodness.

Additionally, interesting millet recipes from the ITC Hotels will feature as part of the buffet spreads across the Marriott International hotels as well, some signature favourites to watch out for would be Finger Millet & Jaggery Pancake, Ragi Flour Khandvi, Jackfruit Millet Haleem, Pearl Millet Risotto with Prawns & Pickled Tomato and the Chicken & Pearl millet Kebabs.

Pearl Millel and Barley Tea Cake
Pearl Millel and Barley Tea Cake

With the Government of India spearheading the mission to revitalise millets or Shree Anna, there has been a widespread revaluation of these small grains and their relevance. Various scientific research emphasises the importance of millet as a winning proposition both in terms of food security and fulfilling nutritional goals.

ITC Hotels, as a part of its core Responsible Luxury ethos, continues to build a model that has food offerings that are healthy and sustainable. This joint initiative between ITC Hotels and Marriott International aims to create and promote dining experiences centred around millets, to further popularize the benefits of this forgotten grain across the world; thereby supporting and furthering the Government of India’s mission.

Assorted Millet Breads of Finger Millet, Sorghum, Little Millet and Pearl Millet
Assorted Millet Breads of Finger Millet, Sorghum, Little Millet and Pearl Millet

Anil Chadha, Divisional Chief Executive, ITC Hotels said, “ITC Hotels have had a history of offering millets as part of their menu across properties in India and bringing the forgotten grains back on the plate. Our chefs have created exquisite millet-based recipes for various cuisines. We shall continue to promote the same in India and are delighted to share our knowledge of this ‘millet repertoire’ with Marriott for international markets.”

He added, ” This underscores ITC Hotels’ commitment to popularize millets in support of 2023 being declared as the United Nations International Year of Millets on the behest of the Government of India “

Jowar Toor Dal Tadka (Spiced Sorghum Lentils)
Jowar Toor Dal Tadka (Spiced Sorghum Lentils)

Ranju Alex, Area Vice President, South Asia, Marriott International echoed the importance of millets, stating– “This is a great collaboration between Marriott International and ITC Hotels to support the Year of the Millet. Hotels in India have long featured millets in their menus across various properties and local infusions.”

She went on to say, ” We are delighted to take this a step further and showcase these recipes at our international properties as well. The significance of Millet in today’s global scenario cannot be emphasised enough. Through this partnership, we hope to increase public awareness of the health benefits of millets and their suitability for cultivation under challenging conditions caused by climatic change.”

Amaranth (Rajgira) Beetroot Kebab
Amaranth (Rajgira) Beetroot Kebab

This initiative shall popularize exciting millet-based Indian and international recipes, specially created by ITC culinary masters, providing a unique blend of taste and nutrition.

Millets are not just a superfood.

They are now seen by the scientific community as ‘foods of the future’.

What is most exciting about the new research on millets is that the humble grain emerged as the answer to modern food security and a sustainable food option. 

Balinese Curry Bowl with Barnyard Millet (Sanwa)
Balinese Curry Bowl with Barnyard Millet (Sanwa)

Earlier this year, ITC launched its Mission Millets’ initiative to bring millets to the mainstream.

ITC’s Agri division has actively educated and empowered farmers to enhance millet farming along with its Hotels and Foods divisions enabling consumers to adopt millet as part of their everyday diet.

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