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Top 10 natural wonders of the world to visit – the ultimate travel wish list

With so many gorgeous spots on the planet, an agreement on the top 10 natural wonders of the world is impossible.

Natural wonder of the world - Meghalaya Double decker living root bridge
Natural wonder of the world – Meghalaya Double decker living root bridge

It is our interpretation of the world’s natural wonders, which we believe symbolize the finest of what the world has to contribute. Many of these naturally-formed exhibits need an overhead perspective to fully appreciate their scope.

Take for example the Double decker living root bridge in Meghalaya in India. Nongriat is no place for the faint-hearted, as one needs to climb down 3500 steps to reach the village with the marvelous Double-decker living root bridge. This two-tier root bridge is an enigma and a short but intense trek from the bridge leads to the breath-taking Rainbow falls and a hidden natural pool with aqua blue waters.

There are many such top natural wonders of the world that make you hold your breath in awe. We have selected just a few to ignite your imagination and make you curious enough to pack your bags.

These 10 natural wonders of the world are on the bucket lists of passionate adventurers, thrill-seekers, travelers, and photographers.

The Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights have become a tourist attraction for visitors to the Northern Hemisphere. The Northern Lights are auroras, which are natural phenomena that consist of stunning visuals of light in the sky. Northern lights move across the sky, emitting a scattered light over the northern skyline.

Natural wonder of the world -  Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Night Sky
Natural wonder of the world – Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Night Sky

As one travels north towards the magnetic pole in the Arctic, the intensity of the northern lights rises. However, the northern lights emerge at irregular intervals, making them difficult to observe on a quick visit. Residents in these northern locations are more likely to encounter them. Northern light viewing is particularly famous in Canada‘s far north, Alaska, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.The probability of seeing the Northern Lights increases during the winter months. They happen all year, but the gloomy nights of winter give them more visibility.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is recognized worldwide for being the world’s largest, most magnificent, and most regarded waterfall. They are indeed a wonder to behold, be it in the summer light or their wintery snowy majesty.

Natural wonder of the world - Niagara Falls
Natural wonder of the world – Niagara Falls

Appreciate it from the observation platform, or if you’re feeling brave, take a boat trip to see the 3,160 tonnes of water that rush over the waterfalls every minute. See behind the falls to view the water cascading from above.

Three bridges connect the Canadian city of Niagara Falls to its American counterpart, all of which provide excellent views of the valley that separates the two nations. The Niagara Skywheel, Canada’s biggest observation wheel, is one of the newest sights in Niagara Falls. It is 175 feet tall and provides tourists with a fresh perspective on the rushing waterfalls.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the tallest peak on the planet, standing at 8,848 meters (29,029 feet). It is situated on the border between Nepal and Tibet. Trekkers of all skill levels flock to the world’s tallest peak. Whereas other eight-thousanders, like K2, are far harder to climb, Mount Everest still has several intrinsic concerns, including altitude sickness, weather, and wind.

 Natural wonder of the world -  Mount Everest
Natural wonder of the world – Mount Everest

People who die while climbing are often left behind, and bodies are not uncommon near the traditional climbing routes. If you would not want to trek, Mt. Everest, there are other possibilities. Tourists may book a flight around the peak for an incredible aerial perspective.

Adventurers can climb base camp to completely immerse themselves in Mount Everest’s scenery. Instead, you may get a distant glimpse of the summit from the comfort of a lodge in a Nepalese hill station.

The Grand Canyon

You need to step on the Grand Canyon’s rim once to understand why it is one of the world’s ten natural marvels. The Grand Canyon is situated in Arizona, United States of America. Las Vegas and Phoenix are the closest big cities.

Natural wonder of the world - The Grand Canyon
Natural wonder of the world – The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon’s vast and colorful scenery offers spectacular vistas experienced nowhere else on the planet. Most travelers visit the Grand Canyon’s South Rim and spend an entire day savoring the sights from viewpoints that run around the canyon’s edge. If you’re in good shape and want a more immersive experience, take one of the many trekking paths down into the canyon.

Enjoy a helicopter ride of the Grand Canyon for a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime adventure for something a bit less demanding. If you’re curious about the canyon’s creation and geology, pay a visit to the Geological Museum. The rock strata of the canyon wall may be seen from Lipan Point along Desert View Drive.


Even seasoned tourists may be unaware of Paricutin, owing to its location in Michoacán, Mexico. This cinder cone volcano was declared one of the world’s seven wonders of the world, surpassing renowned volcanoes like Yellowstone. The last time Paricutin erupted was in 1952. It was named one of the world’s natural wonders since people observed its birth and growth

Natural wonder of the world - Volcano Paricutin Courtesy: Andrea PazMo
Natural wonder of the world – Volcano Paricutin Courtesy: Andrea PazMo

. A twelve-mile round-trip hike or horseback ride to the volcano’s top is possible. Climbers will stroll across lava fields and coastal banks encircling the volcano. You may visit Paricutin anywhere at any time of year. Plan on staying for a couple of nights.


The Amazon is the world’s greatest river by volume, with a total river flow that accounts for around one-fifth of the world’s total. The river is home to approximately 3,000 known fish species, with more being found all the time. The Amazon Rainforest accounts for more than half of the world’s surviving rainforests.

Natural wonder of the world - Amazon Rain Forest
Natural wonder of the world – Amazon Rain Forest

It possesses unsurpassed biodiversity being the biggest tropical rain forest. The Amazon Rain forest is home to one out of every 10 recognized species on the planet. A journey to the Amazon Rain forest will certainly become a vacation of a lifetime, whether you are searching for a family holiday place, a different honeymoon destination, or something different to do as a spouse.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the world’s biggest coral reef, with over 900 islands and about three thousand distinct reefs that support a complex ecology. There are about 1500 multiple species of fish, 215 unique types of birds, and 30 distinct kinds of whales, dolphins, and porpoises. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most diverse ocean ecosystems known to man. Tourists may experience the reef up close and personal on boat cruises.

  Natural wonder of the world - Great Barrier Reef
Natural wonder of the world – Great Barrier Reef

Snorkeling and diving expeditions may be organized, allowing you to observe colorful fish, coral, and marine life. Experience the Great Barrier Reef from a different angle with a helicopter trip that allows you to observe the scattered islands and coastal ecosystems from above. Soar over the crystal clear waters, spotting land areas as you zoom above on an amazing experience. Trips might be single-day excursions or multi-day vacations.

Harbor of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro‘s harbor is bordered by rocky mountains and pinnacles, such as Sugar Loaf Mountain, Corcovado Peak, and the Tijuca Hills. It was formed as a result of erosion induced by the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists should intend to explore the Rio de Janeiro Harbor in Brazil from several angles to properly appreciate the splendor that this gem has to serve.

  Natural wonder of the world -   Harbor of Rio de Janeiro Courtesy : chensiyuan
Natural wonder of the world – Harbor of Rio de Janeiro Courtesy : chensiyuan

The very first sight should be taken from Sugarloaf Mountain, which offers vistas of the port, city, beaches, Corcovado, and the other monoliths. Travelers may tour Rio de Janeiro’s harbor by helicopter for a stunning aerial perspective. Traveling to the topmost location enclosing the granite peaks that overlook the bay is the usual approach to exploring this natural beauty. It will give breathtaking views of the harbor’s gorgeous beaches.


The Sahara will astound you. For starters, it’s definitely larger than you believe. The Sahara is the world’s biggest scorching desert, spanning much of Northern Africa and nearly the size of the United States. Despite common opinion, enormous sand dunes (known as ergs) only make up a minimal portion of the Sahara.

  Natural wonder of the world - Sahara Desert
Natural wonder of the world – Sahara Desert

The majority of the desert is made up of barren, harsh, rocky plateaus with minimal sand. On average, the Sahara experiences fewer than three inches of rain each year. Perhaps in the driest sections of the Sahara, it may rain only twice a week and then no rain for months. A visit to the vast desert will delight your eyes with the unspoiled visual beauty of lonely kasbahs, massive dunes, the scorching sun, rocky stone plateaus, interesting camels, palm-forested valleys, and almond and hazelnut plantations.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is located in Africa, between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Zambezi River feeds this beautiful waterfall. The falls are accessible from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Livingston in Zambia. Cross the border to witness this breathtaking stunning scenery from a different perspective.

Natural wonder of the world - Victoria Falls
Natural wonder of the world – Victoria Falls

The finest vistas are in Zimbabwe, while Zambia offers a more amazing atmosphere. Helicopter and microlight trips are also excellent ways to observe the waterfalls. Monsoon rains last from late November until early April. A nice time to go is right after this when the amount of water flowing over the waterfalls has been enormous, but the weather is lovely.

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