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6 reasons to fall in love with the Season of Spring

‘Always it’s Spring and everyone’s in love and flowers pick themselves’ – EE Cummings.

Spring Season
Spring Season – Nature at its freshest

After a long, dreary winter, the sun is always very welcome. Nature herself awakens after a slumber, and how! Earth substitutes her grey and white garment for a colourful one.

Everywhere one looks, one is greeted with a motley assortment of colours. Flora and fauna of every conceivable kind partake in the celebrations; indeed, the charm of spring leaves nobody untouched. The spirit of festivity is also on full display during this time, and various festivals are celebrated to welcome the onset of spring. Sing with nature, dance with it and soak in the all-around festivity, after all, it’s springtime.

Rhododendrons Blossom in Sikkim

Rhododendrons Blossom in Sikkim - Spring
Rhododendrons Blossom in Sikkim – Spring

Sikkim is beautiful throughout the year, but it’s during the months of March, April and May that it resembles an ethereal landscape. The hills of Sikkim are adorned with the captivating sight of Rhododendrons in full bloom during the Spring season. One can witness blooming rhododendron trees as far as their eyes can see, making it a paradise for nature lovers and photographers alike.

The colourful rhododendrons, in full blossom, can be seen across the towns and villages. Of course, to witness them in all their glory, visit the Rhododendron Sanctuary. To soak up the natural beauty and culture of the region, plan a homestay. Stay next to a forest in a cottage in Ravangla, go bird watching with the host during your stay in log cottages in Kewzing, or plan a homestay in a scenic village near the Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary.

Mango and wildlife season in Thekkady, Kerala

During the month of March, you can see mangoes in abundance in Thekkady, Kerala. Thekkady, famous for its vast lush fields and the Periyar National Park, The sweet aroma of these delicious fruits fills the air! You can savor their unique flavor as you bite into them. Kerala is best visited during the spring season. Besides, this is also the time when many of the animals in the forests emerge from their caves and dwellings, and catching a glimpse of them is a real privilege.

Thekkady in Kerala is a paradise for nature lovers during the spring season with its stunning views of the lake, hills and wildlife. The backwaters of the Periyar Lake provide a picturesque landscape to relax in and take in the beauty of nature. There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy such as trekking, boating, bird watching and more.

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Mango blossoms

Lodgings here range from homestays in rustic huts to tree houses and properties near jungles. Besides, one has the option of indulging in a farm experience in a beautiful farmhouse, coming closer to nature in a luxury tree house, or enjoying a homestay and local food in the buffer zone of Periyar National Park.

First Flush of Tea in Darjeeling

The first flush of tea in Darjeeling is one of the most awaited events of the year, especially for tea lovers! With the arrival of the spring season, one can expect to get some of the best-tasting teas from this region.

In the months of February and March, tea is brewed from the first flush in Darjeeling. Several sprawling tea plantations are scattered all over the place, and spring manifests itself in a very unique manner here. Great throngs of tourists flock to Darjeeling year round, all eager to capture its mesmerising beauty.

However, if you happen to be a tea lover, you will find paradise in a fresh cup of tea brewed from the first flush. The exciting passenger ropeway offers a wonderful view of the tea plantations below. Plan your stay with the locals, at a farmhouse or the homestays in the tea garden of Makaibari, where one is exposed to the processing of tea.

Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival

With the arrival of the spring season, wildlife is at its best in India as it is the breeding time for many species of animals. Nature enthusiasts can spot many varieties of birds, mammals, and plants at their best during this season.

Spring Season - Birds
Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival

Being covered by the Himalayan mountain range on the northern side, Uttarakhand is the source of many of India’s rivers. Its scenic beauty, coupled with the many pilgrim centres scattered across it, make it a fabulous tourist destination frequented by both devotees and nature lovers.

During springtime, make your way to Uttarakhand to witness the rivers in full food, roaring with all their might, leaving you strangely humbled. However, this is also the time when the state hosts the Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festiva – a perfect chance for nature lovers, birdwatchers, students and members of conservation and tourism organisations to get acquainted with bird tourism.

Wildlife Spotting in Kanha

The picturesque Kanha National Park was the inspiration behind Rudyard Kipling’s all-time classic, Jungle Book. Even after all these years, the enchantment associated with this place still remains strong.

Wildlife Spotting in Kanha
Wildlife Spotting in Kanha

The best time to visit the park in all its beauty is during spring. This is a good time to catch a glimpse of a variety of wildlife – from the blackbuck, swamp deer, sambhar, and chital, among others. Moreover, the open grassy meadows are a fascination in themselves. Kanha is synonymous with the barasingha, or swamp deer, that roam the large open tracts of grass amidst the forests of teak and bamboo.

Kashmir Valley in Bloom

The famous Kashmir Valley is a sight to behold during the season of spring. One can witness the majestic snow-capped mountains dotting the landscape and colorful flower fields in full bloom.

The majestic Kashmir Valley is filled with beauty and life as the warm spring breezes blew through its lush valleys. The fragrant blossoms of magnolia, cherry, and apple trees set a romantic atmosphere for the season. Green meadows are completely covered in a blanket of wildflowers while the rolling hillsides are a riot of color from all the blossoming tulips, poppies, and daffodils. The air is filled with the sweet scent of spring flowers, intoxicating those who basked in its warmth.

Mughul Gardens Srinagar
Mughul Gardens Srinagar

The villages are alive with activity. Farmers are harvesting their crops, families reuniting for holidays, couples strolling along the riverbanks hand-in-hand and children playing in the fields. The sounds of laughter and joy filled the air as the people celebrate the arrival of spring.

The rivers are abuzz with waterfowl, ducks, swans, eagles, and other birds making their way through the valley on their annual migration.

People flock to Kashmir during springtime for vacation, and it is not hard to understand why. The sheer beauty of the surroundings and the peaceful feeling of being in nature is unparalleled.

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