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Perfect Beachside Vacations in Gujarat

Dotted with beautiful beaches, Gujarat’s shoreline is filled with historical landmarks of the ancient past and the energy of the present.

While tourists usually associate Gujarat with stunning temples, historical landmarks, and a thriving local culture, very few know the state has the longest shoreline among all of India’s coastal states. The 1,600-km-long shoreline is dotted with golden beaches, ancient temples, and enchanting flora and fauna.

The underwater marine life is equally alluring, as is the exciting range of leisure activities that the beach destinations offer. This summer, take a break from your usual trip to the mountains and experience the magic of this ancient land.

Shivrajpur Beach, a blue flag beach, in Gujarat
Shivrajpur Beach, a blue flag beach in Gujarat

Shivrajpur and Okha Madi Beaches (Devbhoomi Dwarka)

Devbhoomi Dwarka is an ancient town mentioned in the Puranas. Today, however,  it makes for an excellent base for sightseeing, pilgrimage, beach activities, and enjoying the diverse marine life. You can reach Dwarka by bus from Jamnagar and Ahmedabad.

Direct train services are also available from some of the major cities of western and southern India. Just 15 minutes away from the famous Rukmini temple is the Shivrajpur beach, one of the blue flag beaches — a long, pristine, sandy beach ideal for long walks.

Other must-see places include Okha Madhi, known for its fine sands, Poshitara for its coral reefs and marine life, and the Charakhla salt pans that attract hundreds of gorgeous flamingos, pelicans, storks, and other variety of birds that migrate every year from the colder climes.

Madhavpur Beach Perfect Beachside Vacations in Gujarat
Madhavpur Beach, Gujarat

Madhavpur Beach (Porbandar)

Situated in Porbandar, the scenic coastal town of Madhavpur is lined with tall coconut trees and ancient temples. Madhavraiji Haveli temple and the crumbling ruins of a 12th-century Shiva temple are two of the major attractions of this region.

Rukmini no Choro comes alive every year with an annual fair hosted by the local Mer community. Porbandar is well- connected with the rest of India through air routes and direct train routes from Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and  Junagadh.

Tithal Beach Perfect Beachside Vacations in Gujarat
Tithal Beach, Gujarat

Tithal Beach (Valsad)

If you want to experience the remaining vestiges of Portuguese influence, then the union territory of Daman is a great option. Divided into two parts — Moti Daman and Nani Daman — this tourist destination is famous for its churches, beaches, medieval-era forts, and its quaint bylanes filled with houses of colonial influence.

The imposing Moti Daman fort dating back to the 1500s, the impressive Church of Our Lady of the Remedies, and the Fort of St. Jerome are some of the major tourist attractions. But it is the Tithal beach with its striking black sands that attracts thousands of visitors every year from all parts of Gujarat and beyond. Walk by the seashore, enjoy the gentle sea breeze, and sample the local delicacies of Bhajiya, Dabeli, and Bhel Chaat sold at the sea-side stalls.

Mandvi Beach Perfect Beachside Vacations in Gujarat
Mandvi Beach, Gujarat

Mandvi Beach (Kutch)

Once a  thriving port of western India, the town of  Mandvi is a major tourist attraction today, thanks to its golden sea beaches, and relics of its maritime past. Well-connected by the Bhuj airport and through direct train routes, Mandvi today attracts tourists from far and beyond for its golden sandy beaches and the bustle of the local market selling a delectable variety of local food and souvenir.

Pingleshwar Beach (Kutch)

The beautiful and serene beach of Pingleshwar lies only seventeen km from the coastal National Highway 8A. Since this is not a much-visited place, the quiet charm of this place will surely give you quite a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The nearby bird sanctuary of Nalia and the beautiful wind farms should be on your bucket list when you visit this place.

Dumas and Suvali Beaches (Surat)

Located on the southwest side of the city of Surat, the Dumas beach is known for its striking black sands and the famous Dariya Ganesh Temple.

Surat is a major industrial city in this area that is also replete with relics of the ancient past. It is well-connected via rail and air routes with Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Also in Surat, one can find the Suvali beach, where the slippery black sands will make quite an impression.

Mahuva Beach (Bhavnagar)

Nature and pilgrimage merge in the historically important town of  Bhavnagar,  where one can find the picturesque Mahuva beach, which is thronged by Gujarati pilgrims. Well-known for its tranquil waters and breathtaking scenic beauty, this beach is surely going to be a welcome addition to your Gujarat itinerary.

Ahmedpur Mandavi (Gir Somnath)

Gracing the shoreline of the Arabian Sea, one can find the beach of Ahmedpur Mandavi – one of the lesser-known gems of the state. Adjacent to the island of Diu, the beach merges with Ghogla Beach forming a stunning continuous coastline of above six km.

This is the perfect destination for all the quintessential tourist activities – from curling up with a book on a seaside hammock to watching the dolphins frolic in the waters, from soaking in the sights and sounds of the nearby city of Diu to enjoying water sports.

Dandi Beach (Navsari)

Be a part of an important chapter of our history by visiting Dandi — the famous salt marshes, from where Mahatma Gandhi started his non-violent Satyagraha movement in the 1930s.

Today, however, the Dandi beach is a fabulous tourist destination thanks to its shimmering white beaches and natural beauty. The region is well-connected with the Surat airport and the cities of Mumbai and  Ahmedabad.

Pirotan Island (Saurashtra)

Of the 42 islands located across the coastline of Gujarat, Pirotan is the only one that is fully accessible. The island is mostly uninhabited except for a few workers you find working at the lighthouse.

As such, this island makes for a great day trip if you are looking for some solace. The mangrove and the low-tide beaches are home to a wide variety of seabirds and marine creatures.

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